2.25 Crores In New Notes Seized From Bengaluru Flat Guarded By Elderly Woman’s 2 Dogs

Nearly three crores in new notes were found in a Bengaluru apartment where tax officials faced an elderly woman and her two dogs.


The Income Tax department had learnt that its officials tried to search the apartment in the city’s Yeshwanthpur area yesterday after a tip-off but the woman inside refused to chain her dogs. The animals were described by the investigators as “ferocious”.

Today, the officials finally scored access into the apartment with the help of neighbours and the police and found a room that was locked. Officials monitoring the house had seen a visitor entering before dawn.

“The locked room was opened and unexplained cash amounting to 2.89 crores was found, including Rs. 2.25 crore in new 2,000-notes,” an official said.
There have been a series of raids in Bengaluru since the ban on 500 and 1,000 notes last month, and crores have been found in new 2000-rupee notes, which are in short supply for customers in banks and ATMs.

Yesterday, a senior Reserve Bank of India (RBI) official, a politician who owns casinos and a government engineer’s brother were arrested along with seven others for their alleged money laundering. In multiple raids, Rs. 5.7 crore and Rs. 93 lakh were found in new notes.

One of the arrested men is the relative of government engineer SC Jayachandra, who was suspended recently after raids at his home revealed massive unexplained cash and wealth. Investigators found Rs. 5.7 crore in 2000-rupee notes besides a Lamborghini, Volvo, MV Agusta, Ducati 749, multiple luxury apartments and a huge amount of gold from his home and that of another engineer, TN Chikkarayappa.

The two highest currency notes, which formed 86 per cent of the cash in circulation, were banned on November 8 by the government to bring untaxed money back into the system.


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